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Sichuan Food at Kedai Makanan & Minuman TKS

My first experience Sichuan food experience (ironically in Beijing) was a tongue-numbing one especially since I had it during summer. Not a wise move, that one. Sichuan cuisine is distinguished by spicy, oil-based sauces and predominately, Sichuan peppercorn. The peppercorns are bitter, spicy and shockingly good – numbing the mouth and causing the nose to […]

Sin Kee, Brickfields

My in-laws have been patronising Sin Kee Restaurant for more than 30 years, and claims the place serve decent Hainanese chicken chop, sambal prawns and “mun fan”. Not surprising, rif likes coming here occasionally because he practically grew up eating the food at Sin Kee. I was introduced to this place when we started eating […]

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