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StarMetro Feature, and some clarifications
October 6, 2011

StarMetro Feature, and some clarifications

Dear readers, I am aware of your grave concern towards animal conservation and I would like to stress that I do not endorse consumption of exotic and illegal meats. While it is true that the “The weirdest thing I have tried is snake, tiger and crocodile”, I was given these as a child and consumed […]

Restoran Hong Hing @ Bentong

*from my StarMetro June 2011 article One of the many things my former boss DF and I have in common is our appreciation for good food. From time to time, we would meet up over a good meal or a cup of coffee. I recently joined him and a few friends for a makan outing […]

Restoran Hong Hing, StarMetro June 2011

For good sang har tong fun in Bentong, check out my column in StarMetro today! Shameless self-promo: My picture on the front cover of Metro Eating Spree with Bangsar Babe will now be in Star2 Sunday. Stay tuned for my next column this coming June 19!

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