Suhanya Corner in Lucky Garden, Bangsar


It’s been a while since I had lunch at the food stalls in Lucky Garden, where the Chelo Appam, Yusof Tomyam and Anuar Fish Head Curry stall is. I would usually dine there after work seeing how that’s the only free time I have these days. Fortunately, a recent work meeting in Bangsar allowed me [...]

Flying Wantan Mee, Seapark

Wantan mee isn’t something I crave unlike curry mee. But when there’s good wantan mee, it’s a whole different story. Two of my favourite places for this particular noodle dish is Meng Shiang and Uncle Meng — both in Cheras. We happened to be in Seapark one night, when rif and I decided to give [...]

Cheong Kee Wantan Mee in Buntong, Ipoh

I learnt of this pretty good wantan mee stall in Buntong (Ipoh) from my brother in-law, who suggested we try it for dinner when rif and I were in Ipoh not too long ago. The stall is located in a residential area and gets quite crowded during peak hours – we waited a good 30 [...]

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