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Mochi Sweets, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

30 minutes. That’s the duration one is required to wait for a chocolate fondant. But 30 minutes before you can eat a mochi? I’ve never heard of that before. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake of chewy dough, made from pounded glutinous rice and filled with something sweet. It tastes like a refined and denser […]

Okonomiyaki Fugetsu at ION Orchard in Singapore

Okonomiyaki Fugetsu at ION Orchard in Singapore

The word okonomiyaki doesn’t roll off my tongue smoothly; I often get stuck after o-ko-no, which annoys me. OKONOMIYAKI: It’s a cabbage-laced pancake that doubles up as an omelet with squiggles of mayonnaise, sweet-sour brown sauce (that is almost teriyaki-like) and shaved bonito flakes on top. I’ve never eaten one, but a few people recommended […]

Gindaco Takoyaki at ION Orchard
February 20, 2012

Gindaco Takoyaki at ION Orchard

It’s my 4th day in Singapore and I realized there are plenty of decent non-hawker food places here. So far, I’ve tried ramen, coffee, Italian, deli food and takoyaki, which I’m going to blog about. Prior to this, I’ve steered clear from takoyaki ever since I had a god-awful version outside Jusco in One Utama […]

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