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October 25, 2012

Tai Zi Heen

There’s something about dim sum that I find very attractive. It could be the pretty presentation and dainty portion that makes dim sum so delicate looking. Then again, dainty isn’t good for me because I eat like a man. That’s why restaurants like Tai Zi Heen at Prince Hotel & Residence decided to do an […]

Maju Palace Restaurant

Working at my new workplace makes me a frustrated being because I can’t get access to pork. Even char kuay teow here is halal. And lard is the key to my temporary happiness. I kid you not. I used to kid myself into thinking I could live without pork. #denial However, I can live (happily) […]

Greentown Dim Sum Cafe, Ipoh

Many have commented that Foh San in Ipoh is overrated. I’ve tried the old Foh San as well as the new (and larger) outlet just a few months ago. A friend told me about this new dim sum place called Greentown Dim Sum Café in Greentown Avenue that is halal and supposedly tastier than Foh […]

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