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Fish Valley Semenyih

Fish Valley Semenyih

It’s been a while since rif and I had a free weekend and when we finally did, he wasted no time in rounding up his parents and I for a food hunt. Fish Valley Semenyih has been on his to-eat list for quite some time after a colleague recommended it to him, claiming the seafood is fresh and reasonably priced.


Dining among the lush greenery


Fresh coconut

The restaurant is located next to a large lake, allowing you access to the lush greenery should you opt to sit at the al-fresco section. You can also opt to fish at selected areas of the lake which quite a number of folks were seen doing when I was there.


Love the view


Lunch for 4 pax

Fish Valley Semenyih boasts an extensive menu – comprising fish, squid, prawns, crabs, mantis prawns, kampung chicken, tofu, vegetables and noodle dishes. We opted for a pot of seafood tomyam, salted egg yolk squid, pucuk paku salad, kam heong lala and a ginger steamed fish. Food didn’t take too long to arrive and within 10 minutes, we were happily tucking into lunch.


Pucuk Paku Pakis Kerabu with Seafood


Sweet, creamy and crunchy

The pucuk paku salad (RM20) was one of my favourites that afternoon. I liked that it had a good balance of tangy, sweet and savoury flavours, with a nice bite from the vegetables. The seafood was also fresh so that added a nice texture to the overall salad. I only wished they were more heavy handed on the coconut milk; that would have been perfect.


Kam Heong Lala

Another winning dish was the kam heong lala (RM20) where the gravy was thick, aromatic and spicy, with a good bite from the dried shrimp. The lala (clams) had a good amount of flesh and flavour to it, so it was pretty satisfying to eat.


Salted egg yolk squid


Spicy seafood tomyam

I found the salted egg yolk squid (RM15) alright, but thought some of the squid rings were bordering chewy. That said, they were pretty generous with the salted egg yolk coating so it wasn’t too bad. The tomyam (RM20) packed a wallop – spicy, thick and flavour packed from the tomatoes and seafood.


Tender squid rings


Ginger steamed pak sou kong

We opted for the pak sou kong, steamed with ginger, cli padi and soy sauce. This I didn’t care much for because while the fish was fresh, the ginger wasn’t spicy or aromatic enough. There was no oomph in this dish; I reckon we should have gone for the asam pedas instead. That might have been a better choice.


Fried cullers with pandan kaya


Crispy and fluffy at the centre

Dessert was a plate of fried crullers with pandan kaya – not fantastic but it was a good aftermeal snack. I wouldn’t mind ordering this again. The bill came up to slightly over RM170, inclusive of three coconuts (RM5.50 each). Not too shabby considering the amount of food we ordered.


Coconut water


Al-fresco dining

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Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6.5/10
Food: 7/10 (pork free)
Verdict: If you’re game for a food adventure, this would be a worthwhile drive.


Fish Valley Semenyih

Fish Valley Semenyih Restaurant
PT 16367, Fish Valley Semenyih,
Sri Haneco Industrial Park,
Jalan Kachau, Semenyih,
Tel: 012-382 5518 / 016-278 4092
Business hours: 11am to 10pm
GPS Coordinates: 2″58.258″, E101″52.211″
Facebook Page

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Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

Southern Rock Seafood in Bangsar no doubt serves the freshest oysters and seafood I can find in Klang Valley. I’ve been getting my seafood supply from them regularly, especially since rif and I dine at home more regularly these days. On special occasions, I would get them to shuck a dozen of their best oysters for me to indulge, in the comfort of my home.


Southern Rock Seafood occupies two shoplots in Bangsar


“First man gets the oyster. Second one gets the shell.”

They recently renovated the shoplot next door and turned it into a restaurant that complements their initial business of supplying seafood. Southern Rock Seafood now serves freshly prepared fishes of the day, the finest oyster selection and specialty dishes, paired with a good enough wine list.


Clockwise from bottom right: Irish Premium, Gallagher, Belon, Creuses, Fine de Clair & Irish Premium (all two each)


The bar is the most popular spot


Bubbly to go with the oysters

The highlight of the restaurant is obviously the oyster bar – a hot seat that gets booked up rather quickly because it allows you to see all the action before you’re served the mollusks. That evening, we had the Kitchen Dozen comprising 6 types of oysters (2 each) – Irish Premium, Gallagher, Belon, Creuses, Fine de Clair and West Mersea.


Gallagher Special


Irish Premium


Tragheanna Bay


The Kitchen Dozen (RM160 – 12 pcs)


Belon Oysters –> tastes like a cross between oyster and scallop

We also had the Loch Ryan oysters, which was sweet, mineral-ly and very refreshing. The flesh tasted like a cross between scallop and oyster – which I found rather interesting. I loved the Bloody Mary Shot (RM15 per pop), a cocktail of vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire, topped with a freshly shucked oyster. You basically drop the oyster into the mixture and drink up, taking in all the lovely flavours of the mollusk and cocktail.


Bloody Mary Shot (RM15 per shot)


Mussel Laksa

Mussel Laksa (RM48) is one of the restaurant’s bestseller and rightly so. The laksa broth was aromatic and rich in spices, but the flavours were nicely balanced to allow the mussels to shine. I rather enjoyed this, and even took a spoon to drink up the remaining laksa gravy after the mussels were long gone. If only there was vermicelli to go with this.


Rich, aromatic and full of spices


Alfonsino Fish

The fish specials were the Alfonsino, Red Gurnard and Ocean Trout, beautifully pan-fried and served on a base of mash potato, creamy leek and salsa verde respectively. I liked how fresh the fishes were; as though they were swimming around a while ago. The base they came with were lovely, especially the creamy leek. Really good stuff.


Alfonsino with herbed mash potato (front), red gurnard with creamy leek


Front: Ocean trout with salsa verde


Red gurnard


Manhattan chowder (RM52)

I’m more accustomed to the Boston seafood chowder so the Manhattan version (RM52) at Southern Rock Seafood took some getting used to. This was prepared using a tomato stock base taking flavour from the assorted seafood used. Tasty, but not my kind of chowder.


Mixed seafood in rich tomato & basil broth


Southern Rock Fish Popcorn (RM20) — made with 100% fish and Mary rose sauce

Those who love a good snack should try the Southern Rock Fish Popcorn (RM20), made using 100% fish and served with Mary rose sauce. This was quite a treat, as the balls were compact with the generous amount of fish used. The kitchen team cures their own ocean trout in gin, and the outcome is lovely. I had it with poached egg on focaccia and thought the peppery-sweet flavour of the fish went well with the runny egg.


Gin cured ocean trout with poached egg and seaweed on focaccia (RM28)


Part restaurant, part fishmonger

Southern Rock Seafood does a tasting menu for those who require one, based on your budget per head and number of pax. Do call ahead and speak to the staff if you’re keen. :)

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Southern Rock Seafood
34, Jalan Kemuja,
Bangsar, 59000
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 1-800-88-3474/ 03-2856 2016

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Shucked, The Gardens Mid Valley

My first encounter with fresh oysters wasn’t particularly a memorable one. It was close to a decade ago at a popular hotel buffet of that time. Rows of supposedly fresh oysters, displayed on a bed of ice with an option of lemon wedges, Tabasco sauce or thousand island dressing were hot among buffet loving folks.


But to my dismay, I didn’t like my first bite. I had googled beforehand how to eat an oyster and the taste described by the author didn’t match up to the taste of the oyster in my mouth. It was truly disappointing. I avoided raw oysters ever since until a few years back when a chef taught me how to eat oysters the way I should have — freshly shucked with just a dash of lime, or none at all.


Oysters are shucked on the spot

It was sensational. Literally the taste of the sea in my mouth with a luscious sweetness from the mollusk. Since then, I was always on a lookout for fresh oysters especially the ones from Australia, Ireland and France. All taste amazing with a glass of bubbly. Or two.


Oyster Bar


I was really excited to discover Shucked in late 2012, a little section at the BIG Grocer in Publika. They carried the range of oysters I enjoyed and each were shucked upon order and fresh with brine. I was hooked ever since.


A luxurious treat!


The variety on display

Shucked has since become more and more popular with oyster lovers such as myself and the new outlet at The Gardens is even more accessible to me. I go so often that Mamun (one of the staff) recognizes me from the early days in Publika. My orders have always been consistent — half a dozen of Fine de Clair or Irish oysters with a glass of bubbly.


Shucked oysters

It was only right and about time to do a review of one of my favourite indulgences. Instead of my usual, I was coaxed to try something else — an interesting Dutch Belon, Coromandel and Gallagher Special. All beautiful and with so much character, each different from the other.


Dutch Native

The Belon was round with a flat shell, and unlike the other oysters I’ve eaten, tasted like a cross between scallops and oysters. It wasn’t particularly briny — the flavour was intense, heavy in mineral and a sweet overtone, which melt in the mouth beautifully.




Gallagher Special

It was also my first time trying the Coromandel and this boasted a clean and fresh flavor with a firm, plump and buttery texture. I rather enjoyed this. rif and I both liked the Gallagher Specials, an Irish oyster from Edward Gallagher’s farm in Donegal. This was fleshy with a sweet, balanced finish. Very pleasant to eat, especially for first timers.


Ocean trout sashimi

The ocean trout sashimi was no stranger to me. I’ve ordered it several times and this was a usual, buttery and delicious. Creamier than the normal salmon but not overly rich. I was introduced to the Grilled Salmon Croque Madame (RM25), a simple assemblage of white bread with salmon, cream cheese sunny side up and a bit of lettuce for a touch of crisp. Less decadent than the traditional version but just as delicious if you love fish.


Croque Madame


Mussels, Shucked style

I’ve had the mussels, Shucked style (RM40) before and this is best eaten with crusty bread. Remember to request for some to mop up all the excess gravy, infused with the sweetness of the mussels. Order a glass of white wine while you’re at it — wines at Shucked are reasonably priced so a glass (or even a bottle) wouldn’t dent the wallet.


Sauvignon Blanc


Grilled fish of the day

Mamun served us a beautiful piece of dover sole, lightly grilled and seasoned with pepper. This came with a side of grilled vegetables for a touch of colour, texture and sweetness. As they get their stocks flown in on Thursdays, I got to enjoy the seafood at their freshest. Good stuff!


Cooked shell-on prawns, lightly tossed in a pan


Or you can opt to have them cold. Either way works. :)

If you’re into prawns, definitely order the pint of prawns (RM25 – half pint, RM50 full pint) — cooked shell-on Spanish prawns served cold with a crisp texture and sweet flavour. For those who like their food hot, ask the staff to lightly fry the prawns for you. Both are equally good, if you asked me.


Bubbly is always a good idea

My experiences at Shucked have been good thus far and the staff are attentive and well-versed with the menu. I’ve been going back ever since my first visit and will continue to do so as long as they maintain their standards. By the way, Shucked is backed by the owners of Southern Rock Seafood in Bangsar. :)

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Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 5.5/10
Food: 7/10 (pork free)
Verdict: Good range of oysters and seafood. My favourite place to go to when the craving hits.

Shucked Oyster Bar
T-K03, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens
Mid Valley
Facebok Page

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