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IV Restaurant, Pandamaran Klang

IV Restaurant, Pandamaran Klang

There’s something about roti canai that screams comfort food – a simple staple of ghee-laced flatbread, pulled and tossed to create air pockets for that light, fluffy texture. You can find several variations to this humble dish; from a basic roti bawang to an elaborate version with meat, cheese and vegetables. IV Restaurant in Pandamaran, […]

Transfer Road Roti Canai

The roti canai at Transfer Road in Penang has been around for a long time and is often packed during weekends and public holidays. It is best to get there before 11am or there might be no curry left for you. To be honest, the roti canai isn’t great. I found it rather doughy, despite […]

October 28, 2012

Valentine Roti

Roti canai is prided as one of the must-try items when you’re in Malaysia. It’s cheap, simple and most importantly, tasty. After three days of good dining in Singapore, the only thing I wanted to eat when I returned to KL was roti canai. Valentine Roti claims to serve the best Roti Canai in Kuala […]

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