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What kind of email person are you?
May 31, 2017

What kind of email person are you?

My former boss (I’ll call her Z) had this habit where she would pick up the phone, speak to whoever she needs to speak to and follow up the conversation with an email recap. When I joined her team, she often told me off for sending out emails to counterparts or clients, because she didn’t […]

The week that was…

I always wonder if a bigger job title with more responsibilities would do me any good. I could definitely use a bigger salary and all the benefits that comes along with that job title. But it would mean I won’t have time for my loved ones and friends, let alone this blog. That also means […]

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain…

This past two weeks has been quite productive (and hectic) for me. I think I’m pretty much on track with regards to the blog and things are starting to pick up at work. Of course there’s still the occasional work stress but that’s expected. Haven’t had time to catch up with friends the way I […]

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