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December 9, 2012

Puma Social Urbanscapes

This year, Puma took Puma Social out of the after-hours and introduced the PUME Social Playmates by setting up “Playzones” at Urbanscapes recently. There were live performances on top of the PUMA Play Bus and participants got to try out the PUMA Play Machine on site. Check out some photo coverage of PUMA Social Urbanscapes, […]

PUMA Social Playmates

So far, the people who saw me after my honeymoon said I was too dark. My mother thinks I look like a Chinese-Indian child. Even before going to Maldives, I was the tannest among my siblings. Now, they call me charcoal. 🙁 I’ll admit one thing: my current foundation shade doesn’t match my new skin […]

Puma Social Finale Party

This year, Puma Social Finale Party at The Beer Factory in Sunway Giza was bigger scale and more exciting compared to the event last year. A year ago, I attended the party as a guest. This year, I was fortunate enough to become a Puma Friend. There were plenty of performances, interactive photo booths, a […]

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