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Chuup, Damansara Jaya

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the pork chop at Chuup, a cosy restaurant in Damansara Jaya. rif was determined to give this place a try even after three failed attempts on our end, but we finally did so a couple of weeks back. Alas, we arrived to discover they had to close […]

Macau Pork Chop Bun

Like the Portuguese egg tart, another item to try in Macau is the pork chop bun from Tai Lei Loi Kee (although you can now get one in KL). Walking along the busy streets of Macau, I spotted throngs of people with a pork chop bun in their hand. So I gave it a try. […]

October 14, 2013

Hong Kong & Macau

The last time my parents took me to Hong Kong, I was 2 and didn’t remember a thing. According to mum, she had to carry me everywhere because back then, they didn’t make foldable strollers and mine didn’t fit in the cabin. Don’t know how she managed to carry a chubby toddler around the city […]

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