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Kuih Bakul & Pisang Goreng, Weld Quay

Kuih Bakul & Pisang Goreng, Weld Quay

While searching for the tomyam noodles at Weld Quay, rif and I also chanced upon the stall that sells fried kuih bakul (nian gao) and banana fritters, along with a selection of deep fried treats. I’ve heard about this stall from my friend Ee, who swears by the awesomeness of the kuih bakul. This humble […]

October 17, 2012

Pisang Goreng Azmi

The goreng goreng stall at my old office canteen sells good pisang goreng and cucur bawang. I miss it, ever since my department moved to a new location. But the pisang goreng at the old place isn’t that great. It’s just convenient. Good pisang goreng is hard to come by because the banana quality is […]

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