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Lao Wang Beef Noodles, Taipei

Lao Wang Beef Noodles, Taipei

For those with poor command of Mandarin (myself included), travelling to a country that uses Mandarin as their first language is a daunting thought. I had a rather tough time in China and not too long ago, Taiwan. The latter was actually more difficult because not many of the Taiwanese spoke English, and most of […]

Mee Udang, Pulau Aman

Seafood meals are best eaten with a group of friends, especially when crabs and prawns are involved. There’s just something about peeling prawns and digging into luscious flakes of crab flesh – and it’s somehow tastier when you’re eating in a group. That was what rif and I did when we visited Penang last month. […]

Thaitanic Boat Noodle, The Scott Garden

I vaguely remember eating boat noodles in Bangkok; a bowl of kuay teow in beefy broth, beef slices and meatballs. But I do remember it being larger than the ones that are now making waves in Klang Valley. rif and I stumbled upon a new boat noodle place called Thaitanic in Scott Garden and decided […]

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