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Kitchen Tales #2

Of late, rif and I try to cook at home because it’s cheaper and supposedly healthier. At least that’s how I feel because we shop for the ingredients and we usually go for quality. Also, I’ve been buying more kitchen items, like a Korean stone bowl, casserole bowl, blow torch and large white plates. Truth […]

An ideal housewarming gift!

The haze has been super terrible this past two weeks and I’m pretty sure the API index is more than 200 today. I dread walking from the train station to office because despite wearing a face mask, I can still smell the pollution. 😯 My sister in-law and her husband gave us a Honeywell air […]

It’s starting to feel a lot like home

Our new place is starting to feel like home – a little bit each day. We recently installed a kitchen island for more storage space and I love it. I now have more room to prepare food and the extra space comes in handy when I have friends over. I’ve been cooking every now and […]

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