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Majeeda Haj Briani, Melaka

Melaka is famous for its variety of Peranakan dishes, laksa, Nyonya kuih, pork satay and sweet desserts such as cendol, durian cendol and tai bak. During Chinese New Year this year, I discovered more food places in this historical town. They include Mee Kahwin at Ming Huat, Pak Putra Naan, Restoran Chin Chai, Sedap Dan Murah […]

Baryani Mohd Shah vs Restoran Bariani Power

*This is my StarMetro Beriyani post, with more pictures for viewing pleasure. While most people eat to live, I live to eat. I can be quite fussy about what I eat, and I refuse to settle for mediocrity. In fact, I am known to go all out in search of good food. I recently had […]

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