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WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre

“Why do you like WIP? Most people prefer 7atenine wor…” A few people asked me this, after discovering I prefer hanging out at WIP. It’s a no-brainer: WIP is so close to where I live, I could roll down the road if I’m too drunk to walk or drive! With the other outlets, I have […]

Pak Putra Naan and Tandoori
February 22, 2012

Pak Putra Naan and Tandoori

Most people in Malacca would tell you their favourite supper place is Pak Putra, known for its naan and tandoori. This place is perpetually crowded and I never understood the appeal until I tried the naan. Service is practically non-existent – expect to wait at least 45 minutes for your food when they are busy. […]

Jassal Tandoori Restaurant @ Brickfields

rif and I hardly venture into Brickfields because of the congestion and parking problems. But we found ourselves in the area recently for a job assignment, and decided to have dinner at Jassal Tandoori Restaurant. The place was packed with diners, all tucking into baskets of naan and plates of chicken tandoori. We followed our […]

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