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Restoran Yee Wat, Melaka

I’ve always been a fan of yong tau fu and my father in-law mentioned about this place called Restoran Yee Wat that serves decent yong tau fu in Melaka. The restaurant gets pretty packed during lunch hours, so it’s best to get there before 1pm. Besides yong tau fu, they also serve Nyonya laksa (RM4 […]

Puteri Erra Roti John, Melaka

This Chinese New Year, rif and I did a lot of eating in Malacca. We’ve been stuffing our faces since we arrived at 8am. While most of the places are our regulars, we did check out a few new places, including Roti John Puteri Erra at Medan Selera Bunga Raya. It’s pretty easy to locate […]

February 8, 2013

Tong Tong Chiang

As a kid, Chinese New Year was a festival I enjoyed because I got to collect ang pau and eat all the cookies I want without getting an earful from mum. I also got away with trouble when I ‘bombed’ granny’s neighbour’s drain with my self-assembled firecracker. Worse part it, I did that before the […]

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