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Love Language
March 26, 2015

Love Language

When it comes to marriage, I consider myself rather fortunate that my other half takes my wants and needs into great consideration. It dawned upon me just how much rif understands my love language (time and words) and he always tries his best to fulfill them. I remember the time he received a good job […]

Four Sayings Of Love

Today marks the second year of us being legally married. It’s been a challenging two years as husband and wife – we’ve gone through a fair bit of ups and downs, and more downs this year. I guess I now know the “four sayings of love” better than I used to. Suan, Ku, La, Tian […]

First Wedding Anniversary

Today marks the first year rif and I have been married. Time sure flies, because it still feels like yesterday when I said “Yes”. When people ask me how’s married life, I tell them it’s not that much different from dating. But when I really sit down to think about it, it really is quite […]

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