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Restoran Jaring, Sunway Mentari

Kelantan food is one of my favourite Malaysian cuisines and I am always on a lookout for good ayam percik and gulai. Alas, there aren’t any good ones near my workplace so I made do with the typical nasi campur melayu from my office cafeteria. It was by chance that rif and I were in […]

Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan in Damansara Uptown

rif and I stumbled upon Capital Nasi Dagang last weekend when we were driving around Damansara Uptown in search of a lunch place. It was close to 3pm and we had just finished running errands and picking up some things for our new home – and most lunch places were closed. The name Capital Nasi […]

December 19, 2012

Mee Celup, Restoran Sri TTDI

Mee Celup is a noodle dish from Kelantan that has a few similarities to the Thai soup noodles — it comes with lime and assorted sauces on the side to enhance the flavour. The former is however, lighter in colour and flavour. I was introduced to this stall in Restoran Sri TTDI by a colleague […]

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