Manmaru Udon, Mid Valley

I love a good bowl of noodles especially on a rainy day. It can be kuay teow, ramen or udon; I don’t really care. What I do care about is how the noodles are prepared, because that determines the outcome of the dish. Manmaru Udon operates as a self-service udon restaurant using Japan imported machinery [...]

Kuriya, Bangsar Shopping Centre

I remember my first sea urchin experience – at the now defunct Hajime in Jalan Damai – and it wasn’t a pleasant one. But the sea urchin prepared by Chef Nakagawa Takahiro at Kuriya in Bangsar Shopping Centre was so intense, subtle yet complex, it was almost ethereal. Kuriya, which stands for “aristocratic kitchen” in [...]

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant, Publika

I tend to notice the smoky ambiance first, whenever I step into a Korean barbeque restaurant. Despite the rows of exhaust fans on top, you always end up smelling like barbecued meat when you leave. Surely many of you agree. When I heard Gyu-Kaku – a popular Japanese BBQ chain – in Publika offers diners [...]

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