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Honolulu Cafe, Hong Kong

Having visited Hong Kong twice last year, I love the variety of food, the city vibe and the shopping. There’s just so much to take in that one cannot possibly experience everything in less than 5 days. rif and I covered pretty much most of the things we wanted to try last October, and even […]

Hong Kong Push Cart Noodles

Push cart noodles (che zhai mein) are a popular treat in Hong Kong where vendors run their business from small carts along the roadside. Well they did in the 1950’s. Now they mostly operate from small stalls in residential areas with minimal tables and chairs. I tried a bowl for supper, not too long after […]

Mak Man Kee Wantan Mee

When rif and I visited Hong Kong, Mei took us to Mak Man Kee Noodles Shop (a few doors from Australian Dairy Company), known for its wantan noodles (HKD30), pork trotters and beef brisket noodles (HKD32). Since we were there at a non peak hour, we managed to get a small table to ourselves. The […]

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