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Lao Ma Zi, Tropicana

Lao Ma Zi, Tropicana

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place that serves “dishes that taste like mother’s cooking” called Lao Ma Zi, and prices are said to be reasonable. The original branch is in Jalan Ipoh but they recently opened a second outlet at de Foliage in Tropicana Selatan. Reservations are required if you want […]

Home Updates #2
December 18, 2014

Home Updates #2

There seems to be a terribly flu bug going around as I’ve been feeling under the weather since last Saturday. It started with sniffles then a blocked nose and sore throat, before the fever kicked in. Managed to keep it suppressed for the first two days with plenty of Vitamin C, but in the end, […]

October 6, 2014

Staying Home

I’ve been on a week-long medical leave following my accident and while the rest was useful for my recovery, I was beginning to feel restless. The bruises are (still) horrible and while the stitches were removed, I have to deal with an inch long scar on my forehead. Something I’ll need to get used to […]

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