Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney

Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney was there I had my first koala and kangaroo encounter. These furry animals were made accessible to the public so I had my fair share of petting them. The wildlife park is about an hour away from Sydney CBD and you can get there via train and bus, or take [...]

Blue Mountains, Sydney

Like the Sydney Harbour Cruise, part of the three attractions I visited using the iVenture Card was Blue Mountains. The explorer bus tour starts from Katoomba and allows you to hop on and off at your own leisure. There are 29 attractions at Blue Mountains so you basically choose the ones that interest you and [...]

Honolulu Cafe, Hong Kong

Having visited Hong Kong twice last year, I love the variety of food, the city vibe and the shopping. There’s just so much to take in that one cannot possibly experience everything in less than 5 days. rif and I covered pretty much most of the things we wanted to try last October, and even [...]

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