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Medan Selera Tengkera, Melaka

I have this liking for the char kuay teow in Melaka, simply because it comes with a side of sweet sauce. This is an acquired taste for many and even rif, a Peranakan, isn’t a big fan. I’ve only tried it at Medan Selera Tengkera in Melaka and I’ve been getting my fix here whenever […]

Jalan Sayur Wai Sek Kai

Perception. It can hinder potential friends and send the wrong signals to others. Sometimes, people think I’m unfriendly or assume I’m an ice queen without getting to know me first. Ken however, looked past that and we became friends. Unlike some people I know, he is always happy to share his food discoveries and often […]

Greentown Dim Sum Cafe, Ipoh

Many have commented that Foh San in Ipoh is overrated. I’ve tried the old Foh San as well as the new (and larger) outlet just a few months ago. A friend told me about this new dim sum place called Greentown Dim Sum Café in Greentown Avenue that is halal and supposedly tastier than Foh […]

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