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Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee, off Jalan TAR
February 9, 2012

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee, off Jalan TAR

Would you tolerate bad service if the food is good? I remember my first time at Kin Kin Pan Mee and it wasn’t a pleasant one. That was almost five years ago and I refused to eat there again until a few weeks ago. Mum in-law wanted to eat there, so I relented. This time […]

Nasi Kandar Kudu Bin Abdul, Jalan TAR
February 7, 2012

Nasi Kandar Kudu Bin Abdul, Jalan TAR

Just a stone’s throw away from Nasi Kandar Ibramsha, I find the nasi kandar at Kudu bin Abdul slightly tastier than the former. I reckon many people feel the same way, as the queue here is almost twice as long. I had to queue for a good 20 minutes before I got to the front […]

February 5, 2012

Penang Nasi Kandar, Restoran Kok Siong

Restoran Kok Siong in Puchong looks like any other Chinese coffeeshop. I only knew about this place when I became a volunteer at the Burmese children shelter in Puchong two years ago. A Mr. Tee mans this nasi kandar stall with the help of three workers. According to him, the dishes here are authentic Penang […]


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