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Freedom of Dressing
May 11, 2016

Freedom of Dressing

In the past, I spent most of my mornings trying to mix and match my clothes so I don’t “blend in” with the corporate crowd. I wanted to express my personal style without breaking any HR rules, so colours and prints were things I look out for in my daily outfits. With dress code freedom […]

Fashion Updates
September 30, 2015

Fashion Updates

I always believe in looking my best, especially when the occasion calls for a dresscode. Even on regular days, I try to make effort in dressing up because you never know who you might bump into! Like my Facebook Page here and follow me on Instagram here.

October 29, 2014

Fashion Updates: Peep Boutique #4

In life, we have all met some people who turned out to be a complete waste of time and effort. I’ve had my fair share of these people – from friends who simply refuse to get their act together and make something useful of their life to budding entrepreneurs who seek help in getting things […]

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