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POKC Cafe, Damansara Utama
December 12, 2014

POKC Cafe, Damansara Utama

Now that we live on our own, our weekends are spent cleaning the house, buying groceries, working on the blog and attending to the nitty gritty things that never seem to stop popping up. rif and I were in Damansara Utama last weekend running errands, when we spotted POKC Cafe along the row of shoplots […]

Jam & Kaya Cafe, Petaling Jaya
December 9, 2014

Jam & Kaya Cafe, Petaling Jaya

Expect a good selection of sweet treats at Jam & Kaya Cafe, a cosy spot tucked away in PJ Palm Sports Centre in Petaling Jaya. I liken the ambiance of Jam & Kaya Cafe to one of my favourite brunch places in Sydney – the interior is bright and spacious, and the staff exude a sunny […]

Caffeinated Cabin, Jalan Gasing

Despite writing for more than 7 years, I find it tough to constantly find inspiration in what I do – creative, corporate, feature and blog. Little nooks and cafés help in giving me inspiration to write and such an ambiance promotes creative thinking. So I go to one during my off-days, to catch up on some […]

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