Sang Kee, Kuala Lumpur


Sang Kee Restaurant serves really tasty wat tan hor; possibly the best I’ve tried thus far in Kuala Lumpur. I’m talking back to basics – Cantonese fried kuay teow topped with seafood, pork slivers, liver and redolent of wok hei. One bite and I knew I struck gold. But let me give you a heads [...]

Different Taste Restaurant in Bercham, Ipoh

A colleague recommended the claypot crabs with glass noodles at Rasa Lain, when rif and I stopped for two nights in Ipoh during our little roadtrip in January this year. Alas, Rasa Lain was not open that day so we tried Different Taste instead. Apparently, there are three restaurants serving claypot crabs with glass noodles [...]

Pork Noodles at Restoran Sun Sea, Taman OUG

The porkier or more concentrated the broth, the tastier yet unhealthier it is. At least that’s what I think. It does somewhat makes sense because a murky broth indicates the inclusion of pork bones and spare parts, cooked till the parts disintegrates into the broth. Thick pork broths are what make up some of my [...]

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