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The Humble Pie Co., Section 17 Petaling Jaya

Some people spend their life climbing the career ladder and when they get there, they realise it’s not what they want all along. I like to think I have a diversified career portfolio and industry but within the line of communications, branding, marketing and advertising. It’s what I’m good at. But sometimes, doing what you’re good […]

Silver Spoon Trattoria, Publika

The old Silver Spoon in Kepong was one of the few restaurants rif and I frequented as a couple. That was almost 10 years ago and prices were very reasonable. While many other Italian restaurants cropped up in the recent years, none measured up to Silver Spoon in terms of history and memories. Except maybe […]

That Little Wine Bar, Penang
October 5, 2011

That Little Wine Bar, Penang

“Wine makes people talk. Beer makes people fight.” Chef Tommes, owner and chef of That Little Wine Bar said to me in between main courses and sips of good wine. He may have a good point, but I don’t recall feeling bullish after a few pints of beer. I do however, recall being extremely chatty […]

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