The weekend that was. :)


Went on a mini roadtrip to Ipoh where I celebrated turning a year older with rif. Naza Euro Motors Sdn Bhd was super kind to let me drive the Citroen DS3 which was ideal since it was just the two of us and very little baggage. rif booked us a suite at a boutique hotel which [...]

Ete Cafe, Penang

Ete Café (Summer Café in French) is a hole in the wall, tucked among a row of old shop houses along Carnavon Street in Penang. It is easy to miss, as there isn’t a large enough signage to attract attention when you’re driving along this busy stretch. And in Penang, there’s no such thing as [...]

Life & Chocolate Cake


Chocolate cake is food for my soul. But it can potentially ruin my mood if I don’t get it the way I want and when I want. You have good old classic chocolate cake that never fails, especially when it’s all nice and moist. And then there’s chocolate lava cake that is decadent and molten [...]

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