Coffee Stain by Joseph, Solaris Dutamas


When I order a latte or flat white these days, I expect to be handed a cup of coffee with pretty rosetta top, made with black-brown espresso foam and steamed milk froth. Sometimes, I get one shaped like a heart and the more creative baristas would make me their rendition of coffee art. Coffee Stain [...]

Nutmeg, Bangsar Village

Some cafes place tables so close to each other that you can’t help but listen to the conversation of your next door diner. At Nutmeg, such was the case. I couldn’t help but listen to a family conversation about the “right” age to start dating, while a fresh graduate at the table on my left engaged in an optimistic [...]

Bisou Bake Shop, Bangsar Village

Cupcake to me is a combination of childhood and chic. Chic because it looks good and childhood because it reminds me of the mini cakes I would buy from the bread man when I was a kid. Until today, vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting remain my favourite. It has a nostalgic appeal for me – I love [...]

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