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March 25, 2011


The wedding preparations haven’t been easy on Wei Jien and myself. The stress, the cost, the details, problems we’ve encountered working with people, so on and so forth. I’m so irritated with what’s going on it makes me snappy. And please don’t tell me to relax and enjoy the process. It hasn’t been fun. I […]

June 4, 2010

Seeing Double – Part 2

Got a tweet from Harinder about this blogger who copied my blog post and took my pictures without permission. My pictures were cropped to remove the watermark, plus my content was copied almost word for word. Here’s proof: The culprit My original picture was cropped to remove the watermark Cropped picture, copied text underlined Refer […]

May 7, 2010

The bitchiness…as expected.

Contestant A: So how tall are you again? B-Babe: 5’6 inches. *pause* Contestant A: Ohh….good thing you wear 6-inch heels. B-Babe: Yeah…good thing. (maintains coolness…while resisting the urge to punch Contestant A)

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