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Mo-Mo Paradise, Lot 10

Mo-Mo Paradise, Lot 10

I’ve always found it difficult to choose between sukiyaki and shabu-shabu – both are Japanese-style hotpots comprising thinly sliced meats and vegetables, with dipping sauces. The difference between the two is flavour. Shabu-shabu is savoury while sukiyaki leans towards the sweeter side. At Mo-Mo Paradise in Lot 10, you get to enjoy both shabu-shabu and […]

Zakuro Japanese Restaurant, The Scott Garden

rif has been talking about this Japanese restaurant called Zakuro Two as his bosses enjoy throwing company dinners there. According to him, prices are reasonable and food is pretty good. It wasn’t until I had errands to run around the area that we tried this place for lunch. In all honesty, the décor wasn’t much […]

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