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August 13, 2012

Mandarin Grill

There are many things worth observing in Mandarin Grill. At the Les Amis dinner, I observed a beautiful lady playing the game of seduction with an older, suave foreigner. During the Igor Macchia/Frescobaldi wine dinner, I noted how some women behaved around the Igor the chef and Bastian the F&B Director. (can’t blame them) 🙂 […]

D’Ceilo, Jalan Bangkung
December 14, 2011

D’Ceilo, Jalan Bangkung

When D’Ceilo replaced Tea for Two in Jalan Bankung, I was very excited. The place seems to have retained its cosy ambiance and the new owners spruced up the al fresco dining area. While waiting for my date, I sipped on a cup of flat white which had a chocolatey aftertaste. After a few queries, […]

Prego @ The Westin KL – Sunday Bubbly Brunch
October 20, 2011

Prego @ The Westin KL – Sunday Bubbly Brunch

My Sundays are often reserved for leisurely lunches and coffee in the evening. These days, my Sundays are used to go through wedding details, sift through vendors’ quotes, go through pictures from the bridal house, deciding on the floral arrangement for the dinner, personally deliver invitation cards to relatives…you get the gist. This is what […]

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