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Nutmeg, Bangsar Village

Some cafes place tables so close to each other that you can’t help but listen to the conversation of your next door diner. At Nutmeg, such was the case. I couldn’t help but listen to a family conversation about the “right” age to start dating, while a fresh graduate at the table on my left engaged in an optimistic […]

Village Roast Duck, Bangsar Village

My parents have specific preferences when it comes to food – mum wants it wholesome and organic while dad likes Chinese food, especially roast duck and char siew. Both of which mum disapproves but allows him a “cheat day” once a week. I never understood why dad (and also my in-laws) likes going to Village […]

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar, Bangsar

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar, Bangsar

Garibaldi is not to be confused with Garibar – which serves snacks, pizza and light bites – located on the ground floor of the two-level outlet. Instead, the former offers fine dining Italian cuisine and I got a sneak preview of their degustation menu for December 2011 last week. The bread sticks on a base […]

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