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Restoran Zi Zai at Paya Terubong, Penang

Zi Zai Restaurant in Paya Terubong is known for its Poon Choi and tai chow (big fry) dishes. While I have yet to try the Poon Choi, I was told it was quite good and reasonably priced. That evening, I was introduced to Hock Chai, the owner of Zi Zai Restaurant and he dished out […]

Yao Kee Seafood Restaurant

My father in-law loves going for fishing trips and as a result, knows quite a few good seafood restaurants. So far, I’ve enjoyed his recommendations as the dishes are unique and inexpensive. Over the weekend, we took a drive to Sungai Burong for lunch. I was told Sungai Burong is a nice place to go […]

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