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Brunch at VCR Coffee, Kuala Lumpur

Brunch at VCR Coffee, Kuala Lumpur

Brunch is not only about the food; it is an occasion to catch up with friends or family. Over the years, it has become a lifestyle and for many restaurant/café owners, brunch is a revenue stream that they believe could potentially turn “brunchers” into regular customers. These days, I find brunch seasoned with the self-satisfaction […]

Dirt Java Coffee Bar

Coffee session is a thing rif and I enjoy doing, especially during the weekends. Even when we’re on a vacation, we still try to get a cup of coffee or two, just because. In Kuta Bali, we checked out Dirt Java Coffee at Beachwalk Bali during our free and easy time at Sheraton Kuta Bali […]

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