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Bangsar Babe’s new header and a collaboration with Haig Club
February 12, 2015

Bangsar Babe’s new header and a collaboration with Haig Club

It is with great pleasure that I launch the new header for Bangsarbabe.com and announce my collaboration with Haig Club, a single grain whisky from Scotland. This header took several weeks to produce – a lot of meetings, concepts and locations were discussed between Jien and myself, our photographer Ian and Diageo Malaysia. We had […]

New Cocktails at SIX Bangsar

New Cocktails at SIX Bangsar

I used to order cocktails when I dine at restaurants but these days, I get my fix at a cocktail bar such as SIX Bangsar. Reason being, a restaurant is more likely to serve you a less stellar cocktail than a bar that specialises in cocktails. Cocktails to me, can be divided into two categories – good and not so good. You either like it or you don’t.


Black Truffle infused Vodka

A cocktail that you finish because you don’t want to waste alcohol, is not good. I’ve had cocktails that were ickily sweet that I never want to order it again. Few mixologists have gotten it right for me but when they do, I keep going back. SIX Bangsar is one of them and they just launched five new cocktails + one Christmas special this month. That makes it SIX. :)


6 Eggs Short of A Basket

Imran’s 6 Eggs Short Of A Basket (RM25 nett) is SIX’s take on the traditional Christmas eggnog, made with spiced rum, house creamy custard infused with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. This swizzle is an easygoing affair – a holiday drink that is perfect with a Christmas stollen. They also offer a non-alcoholic version (6 Eggs Short Of A Shot) but that wouldn’t be as fun. It’s RM18 nett if you still want to give that a go.


6 Hit Wonder

The 6 Hit Wonder (RM36 nett) is a wicked combination of aged tequila infused with lemongrass and kaffir leaves, a potent touch of Vermouth and Aperol and house bitters, tamed by the sweetness of organic agave nectar. The ingredients used have the right pedigree – an important factor is determining the line between good and not so good.


6 Times a Lady

6 Times a Lady (RM36 nett) tastes like a local mojito where Imran infuses the rum with pandan and selected Mexican Reposado, tops off the cocktail with a shaving of ginger and coconut, and a spray of house bitters. At first sip, the drink is tangy and the creamy swirl of tropical goodness hits you as the zest settles.


Almost like a local mojito


Back to Square 6

Back to Square 6 (RM42 nett) really hit the spot for me. It is minimalistic and manly; a cocktail that you finish voluntarily. It’s essentially a tipple of Hendricks Gin with a generous splash of Shochu Wanko. I love the touch of salted syrup Imran created as it really complements the cucumber bitters. Definitely not for lightweights as there’s 21% alcohol in each glass – a salty, sweet and potent cocktail.


The Lesser of 6 Evils

Another favourite of mine is The Lesser of 6 Evils (RM38 net) because it contains vodka, infused with black truffle. This is amazing stuff as the truffle scent was well present, further enhanced with a drop of lime, syrup and lemon zest. Imran adds in an egg white for body and silkiness and you drink this Martini style. There are two sides to drink from – lemon side for a burst of zest, or the truffle side for that earthy aroma. Go for the latter. :)


Cloud 6

Cloud 6 (RM38 nett) is a fruity concoction with lavender and apple, with Singleton Single Malt whisky for a grown-up feel. I call this a very alcoholic Dr. Pepper, minus the syrup-y sweet nature of the soft drink. The cocktails are available from December onwards and if you’re in the mood for something different, get Imran to surprise you. He always does!

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33A Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2202 0029
Business hours: 5pm – 3am (Tuesday – Saturday), 4pm – 1am (Sunday)
Facebook Page

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Barlai, Kuala Lumpur

In this age when nearly nothing is hidden or forbidden, a secret hideaway (or the idea of it) has an undeniable allure. Like Barlai, a new venue from The Big Group, nested in a heritage building at Jalan Sin Chew Kee in Pudu.


Al fresco

Try and find it.



Picnic tables


Perfect for an evening tipple

There is barely a sign out front – it is cleverly hidden inside the porch – and the décor is laid back, with comfy sofas, old school window panes, wooden picnic tables and decaying walls to give the place a look of yesteryear. The garden is beautiful with just enough green to keep the temperature cool; perfect for a quiet evening tipple, if only the mosquitoes weren’t so vicious.


Lemongrass Gin & Tonic


Old Fashioned

Barlai’s scruffy look makes for a peaceful after-work drink and an ideal way to enjoy a quiet weekend. Cocktails are reasonably priced, like rif’s Lemongrass Gin & Tonic (RM16) – a refreshing twist of the old classic.


Milo Kaw

Less impressive was my Old Fashioned (RM22), one of my favourite cocktails to order, but at Barlai, it lacked the smoky-sweet character of a good old fashioned. I had better luck with the Milo Kaw (RM24), a tasty concoction of Milo with Irish whiskey and hazelnut liquor. Each sip was thick with a smooth yet potent finish.


Barlai Pina Colada

My friend Ben ordered the Barlai Pina Colada (RM24), prepared the usual way but with a dash of pandan syrup. Tropical with a touch of Asia, I say.


A mix of old and new


Pick your poison


Love the signage!

I like Barlai. It is casual and quiet – perfect for those who want a good tipple minus the frills of dressing up. :)

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Ambiance: 6.5/10
Price: 6/10
Cocktails: 6.5/10
Verdict: One of few places you can dress down and enjoy good cocktails. Try the Milo Kaw and Pina Colada.


3 Jalan Sin Chew Kee
Bukit Bintang 50150
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2141 7850
Business hours: Tuesday to Thursday (4pm to midnight) | Friday (4pm to 2am) | Weekend (11am to midnight)
Closed on Mondays

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