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Public Relation 101

Like most bloggers, I get a lot of emails. Emails regarding food review, product reviews, event coverage, product placement, advertising space, etc. Bad thing is, most of the emails I receive are completely random.

As a blogger, here’s how I wish people would email/approach me:

Know my name
Seriously. I respond better if you do because it means you cared enough to find out. Please don’t use generic greetings like, “Dear Blogger”. Such emails always end up in my rubbish bin.

Before you pitch to me, read my blog
Do your homework. Do not broadcast your email to every blogger in your database, in hopes of landing a few who are interested. Before you contact me, familiarize yourself with my blog and see if I’m a good fit.

Keep it short, sweet and simple
Nobody reads press releases. Write a custom email with images or PDF that I might want to share with my readers. Make it succinct and if I’m interested, you can give me more details in a follow up email.

Schmooze a little
We both know you’re sending the same email to at least 20 people. That said, it doesn’t take much time to personalise it to make me feel a little special. I’ll be a lot more receptive once you’ve stroked my ego.

Lay out the benefit to my readers
I try to give my readers valuable and honest content that they’re going to enjoy. So before you send me an email, make sure you have something that is going to interest me and my readers.

Send a reminder
If you sent me an email about something you thought I’d be interested in, drop me a reminder in a week if you haven’t heard back. But only send me one. If you send me two emails and I don’t respond, take the hint.

Last minute notices
I know you PR people are busy, but last minute notices aren’t cool. Especially when I’ve taken the time to reply to your emails and sort my (busy) schedule out for you. Please respect my time, as I respect yours.

Paid Content
I accept paid content cautiously. If you’re interested, please contact me to discuss matters.

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