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April 12, 2008

Dunkin Donut-ing With Malcolm

I had this HUGE craving for donuts so I called Malcolm to check if he was game for some. Lucky me, he was. (maybe he didn’t dare say no to me…kekeke) As I was too lazy to travel too far, J.Co was out of the question. Big Apple (Mid Valley) was nearer but Malcolm just […]

April 11, 2008

Yu Ai, SS2

Last friday, my colleagues decided to have lunch at Yu Ai, SS2 instead of our usual coffeeshop. Once seated, we placed our orders for their much talked about seafood noodles. All of us ordered the tom yam and curry broth instead of the clear soup. Served piping hot, my bowl of curry seafood kuay teow […]

Ban Lee, Jalan Ipoh

*backdated postBan Lee bak kut teh is said to be one of the best in KL. Not sure whether it’s really true but I’ve always enjoyed coming here for my BKT fix. Located along Jalan Ipoh (opposite Dynasty Hotel), it is always packed with patrons. Ordered the claypot BKT for 2 (no-innards-just-ribs-thank-you-very-much) and some yau […]

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