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No mood day…… Work overload ……Brain not working ……Drowning in shit……Hand me the donuts…and make that a dozen * On another note, my car is running out of petrol. No mood to pump more. Pump petrol until no money already. :S Taken from The Star:Fuel price increases cappedBy MAZWIN NIK ANIS and SIM LEOI LEOI […]

The Champion Duck Restaurant

rif was at the office (shocking, as he’s always at the client’s place) today and felt like having roast duck for lunch. So Dan and I met up with him in front of his office before heading to The Champion Duck nearby. When we got there, the place was already packed with people. We ordered […]

Butter Cupcakes by Amelia

My colleague Amelia baked butter cupcakes for us last week. They were delicious. Moist and buttery…très très yum! She even iced them beautifully. I thought she was anal…every piping was proper without missing a spot. 0_0 My butter cupcakes sans icing (I’m human :D) Here are my butter cupcakes baked sometime back for comparison. There! […]

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