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Secret Recipe

I keep choosing lousy meals this past few days. Today was no exception. Since it was raining, we had to settle for something nearby. Secret Recipe is a few doors away so what the heck! Since they had the RM10 set lunch promo, we decided to give that a try. Phoebie had the Mushroom Chicken […]


Picture credit: www.magdalena.org Just had a sundae from McDonald’s at Uptown 5. I can’t stand how inconsistent they can be. Shum and I both ordered the sundae cone and the MANAGER himself served us. He gave us two badly lopsided ice cream and one was really small. It didn’t reach the 2 1/2 swirl quota; […]

YHK Restaurant, Damansara Uptown

Shum, Phoebie and I decided to go for lunch at YHK Restaurant last Friday. The shop was full with patrons so we took it as a sign that the food is good. They offer a few interesting versions of yong tau foo such as stuffed four angled beans but I stuck to my usual stuffed […]


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