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February 3, 2009

The Original 60s Teow Chew Fishball, Damansara Utama

The Original 60s Teow Chew Fishball in Damansara Utama has been around for quite sometime and I pass by the shop everyday on my way to work. It was only up to two weeks ago that I got around to trying the food with Shum and Dan.They specialize in all sorts of fish paste – […]

January 31, 2009

SHIVZ, the diner on maarof

Shiva opened his new restaurant SHIVZ yesterday. After work, I decided to check the place out with Jeen.The outlet looks swanky, which make people assume that the prices are on the high side. However, the food is not expensive at all. Shiva insisted on keeping his food affordable for people to enjoy.Curious about this coffee […]

January 28, 2009

Indian Kitchen, Bangsar Baru (revisit)

It’s the third day of CNY and we are having lunch at Indian Kitchen. Earlier, D.F called Shiva to let him know that we are coming and did an “omakase” on him. *Omakase is a Japanese phrase that means “It’s up to you”. To start us off, Shiva serves us with some clear vegetable soup. […]


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