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Charlie’s Cafe, Taman Desa

Charlie’s Cafe, Taman Desa

Taman Desa is an area filled with hidden gems, and one needs to look out for them as they can be easy to miss as you drive past the row of shoplots. Charlie’s Café is one of them – it was a couple of weeks back when the lack of parking in that area forced […]

Dragon Door Steamboat, Cheras

Dragon Door Steamboat, Cheras

Jien and I have different opinions about steamboat and BBQ – I love anything soupy while he’s a fan of smoky-charred flavours. It’s often difficult to agree on a middle ground between these two options as the 2-in-1 steamboat/BBQ we’ve tried didn’t quite hack it. For me, the beauty of steamboat lies in the soup […]

OMB Noodle Bar, Cheras

OMB Noodle Bar, Cheras

RM12.90 can buy you a meal at many fast food restaurants and most hawker spots, but at OMB Noodle Bar in Cheras, RM12.90 can buy you two bowls of noodles in your choice of flavour. OMB stands for One More Bowl, and offers the concept of two bowls of noodles for the price of one. […]

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