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Category: Selangor

Aunty Sim Kitchen, Damansara Uptown

Since our trip to Hong Kong, rif and I have grown quite particular about the Chinese food we eat in KL. That said, I recently enjoyed a good lunch at Aunty Sim in Damansara Uptown over the weekend. The restaurant is divided into two floors – ground floor for quick meals and the upstairs serves […]

Red Wok Restaurant, Bangi

As a steamboat lover, I’m often on the lookout for affordable steamboat places in Klang Valley. When the food is halal, even better! Because my Muslim friends can then join me without worrying. rif took me to Red Wok for dinner two weeks back and I found the food quite tasty. We went for the […]

Ichiro Sushi Bar, Isetan 1 Utama

During my first visit to Ichiro Sushi Bar, I sat at the corner of this small and spartan space. The restaurant was cosy, with a steady stream of loyal customers accustomed to the Japanese chefs behind the counter. I ordered from one of the lunch sets available and at just RM25, it was good value […]

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