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Category: Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Grill @ Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Weekends are very important to me as that is the only time I get to sleep in, relax and unwind. But there are times I wake up hankering for an occasional cholesterol-laden buffet. When Cheryl and Leslie of Mandarin Oriental invited me to try the Sunday Roast Buffet at the Mandarin Grill, I happily accepted. […]

Spasso Milano in Kuala Lumpur

Dinner at Spasso Milano was as pleasurable as lunch was. While it was more expensive compared to the incredibly affordable antipasti lunch buffet, the food was still cheaper than most fancy Italian restaurants in town. The dining room had a different feel in the evening, but it was still leisurely and comfortable. There is barely […]

Spasso Milano in Kuala Lumpur

“Do what you do so well that they will 
want to experience it again and bring their friends.”
 That was exactly what the staff at Spasso Milano did; service was one of the best I’ve experienced in a while. The staff were friendly, well-trained and knew the menu inside out. They were not perfect; some […]


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