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Category: Steamboat

Soi 19, Kuchai Lama

Soi 19, Kuchai Lama

I never knew what a Mookata was, until I tried it at Soi 19 in Kuchai Lama. rif and I stumbled upon this cosy little spot when we were randomly picking places to eat for dinner. We walked in thinking that it was a Thai restaurant that served dishes only to learn they offer this […]

Sawara Steamboat, Penang

Steamboat (also known as hotpot to some) is best consumed when the weather is chilly and is especially tasty during winter. Hot pot is to Chinese, what fondue is to French – a happy and satisfying ritual that can last for hours. If I were to invite you to one of my homemade steamboat party, […]

Gonbei, Cameron Highlands Resort

Gonbei is the only Japanese restaurant in Cameron Highlands and is a sister location to the Gonbei in Starhill Gallery. This restaurant boasts an open dining concept, making it ideal for steamboats. Incidentally, that was what rif and I had that night – shabu shabu. Priced at RM110++ per person, it is a bit steep, […]

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