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Category: Chinese

Yao Kee Seafood Restaurant

My father in-law loves going for fishing trips and as a result, knows quite a few good seafood restaurants. So far, I’ve enjoyed his recommendations as the dishes are unique and inexpensive. Over the weekend, we took a drive to Sungai Burong for lunch. I was told Sungai Burong is a nice place to go […]

Maju Palace Restaurant

Working at my new workplace makes me a frustrated being because I can’t get access to pork. Even char kuay teow here is halal. And lard is the key to my temporary happiness. I kid you not. I used to kid myself into thinking I could live without pork. #denial However, I can live (happily) […]

Ah Yen Seafood Restaurant

Batu Kawan in Penang is known for its cheap and tasty seafood eateries. Ah Yen Seafood Restaurant is one of them. When I was there in April, I spied five Singaporean cars parked in the compound. The seafood there must be dirt cheap for them. Either the items are pre-cooked or the kitchen team must […]

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