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Category: Asian

Raju Restaurant @ Jalan Gasing

Mention banana leaf rice and many will tell you that Raju Restaurant is the place to go to for a good fix. Mention roti canai, and people will also tell you to go to Raju’s — it is that famous. On a weekend lunch, the place was crowded with families and friends tucking into their […]

Chong Hwa Curry Laksa Restaurant @ Batu Caves

For some people, the English breakfast is an ideal Sunday brunch. I love a huge English breakfast every once in a while, but my ideal Sunday brunch is curry laksa. There’s something about curry laksa that draws me in – creamy soup infused with coconut milk and flavoured with chilli and spices… *drools*Someone recommended the […]

Hakka Restaurant, and a recap of 2010

Hakka Pork Ribs   2010 has been a mixed year for me. I had a series of bad luck which included the snatch thief incident and bad decision making when it came to the blog. Helping the Myanmar refugee children was very eye-opening for me. There was so much to do and so many things […]

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