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Home Updates #2

Home Updates #2

There seems to be a terribly flu bug going around as I’ve been feeling under the weather since last Saturday. It started with sniffles then a blocked nose and sore throat, before the fever kicked in. Managed to keep it suppressed for the first two days with plenty of Vitamin C, but in the end, […]

October 6, 2014

Staying Home

I’ve been on a week-long medical leave following my accident and while the rest was useful for my recovery, I was beginning to feel restless. The bruises are (still) horrible and while the stitches were removed, I have to deal with an inch long scar on my forehead. Something I’ll need to get used to […]

February 3, 2014

Chai Buey

I’ve never made chai buey (stewed mustard greens with leftovers) before but decided it was time to just do it. Mum in-law makes it for me so often that I take it forgranted and know I just need to tell her “I want Chai Buey” and it will be dinner the next day. Pampered creature […]

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