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December 1, 2011

FOR SALE – Lace Wedding Gown

Prior to my wedding day, I did a pre-wedding shoot with Yang Shan of Poopeson Images just because Iโ€™m vain. The wedding gown belongs to a friend who very kindly allowed me to use for photography purposes. Anyway, this gown is up for sale (and it’s new – I only wore it for this photography […]

The day after…

The day after…

Woke up this morning feeling a little empty. I stepped into my walk-in wardrobe in the bridal suite and admired my wedding gowns, again. Our wedding dinner last night marked the end of 10 months of tedious wedding preparations. I feel relieved that everything is over but sad that my fairytale has come to an […]

Urban Spring, Jalan Bangkung
October 10, 2011

Urban Spring, Jalan Bangkung

Jalan Bangkung holds many fond memories for me โ€“ I first learnt how to ride a bicycle at the playground, followed by the mountain bike and then the rollerblade. In my teens, I regularly jogged around the area. When the restaurants opened along the row of shops there, I became a regular customer. That said, […]

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